3D Character Animation Showreel

Marta Bencich 3D Reel from Marta Bencich on Vimeo.

This is my 2009 3D animation reel. Work from Animation Mentor and The Animation Workshop - Viborg, Denmark.


About growing up...

An Imaginary Life by Steve Baker


The Epic and the Mundane

Homage to the primal father :)


What would happen if a 150.000 tons meteorite hit you?

Jérémy Clapin's Skhizein is an imaginative, enriching portrait of a peculiar human condition.
The beauty of the scene and the flow of the story drag you inside a young man's world.
Experience in itself is a kind of knowledge and this short film tells you something about this condition, letting you experience the amazement, that no scientific explanation could ever tell you.


Cool underwater section.

A quoi ça sert l'amour?

Great timing and spacing. Sweet.


Hand Cabaret

With his bare hands, a pair of wooden eyes and a few props, Dutch puppeteer Lejo brings back memories of children games. In these extremely simple setting his performance stands out, exquisite and funny.
On his website you can find more videos, along with info about workshops, tv programs and his tour dates.


Why Animation?

I started doing animation six months ago. There's so much to learn... Actually, this is why I'm into it, but sometimes I get a bit lost in tweaking curves. But animation is not - I know you know :) - tweaking curves, it's a rich and deep handcraft aimed to catch life.
At my last Animation Mentor Q&A I got it, once again. We were going into super detail about hands movement and I got it: the more deep the analysis of life and movement goes, the more I get caught and the more I feel what I used to feel when studying philo, that pleasure you only get when you study.
Human and animal movement is so beautiful when looked at with such depth and detail.